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Frequently Asked

Will I be able to build a website (blog)

Without a doubt do I believe you can Just follow my simple instructions and you will be on your way to building something amazing. Don’t worry about your technical skills, you will be just fine.

We all have a place online and to be able to build your own website opens up so many different doors for you.

Will I be able to make money with my Blog or website?

For sure you can, ultimately this should be your main goal as a blogger or website owner and if you follow my tutorials and free content you will be well on your way to building online success.

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If I start a blog what should I write about?

This is one of the most asked questions from anyone new to the blogging world.

You have to sit and think this one trough as it can lead to your success or your failure.

Write about your passions, your hobbies or anything that is close to home for you. Don’t write about anything your not passionate about even if it means you know every and anything about a specific topic.

If you are not passionate about the niche you chose you might as well give it up right now because not far in the distant future you are going to feel like its a burden to write a new post and that will turn your blog in a ghost town real fast.

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Can 99 Everest help with the website or blog build?

Yip, we would love to help out. Just get in contact with us let us help build your income. 

How much does it cost to build a website?

If you are dedicated and are following my step by step tutorials you will be able to build a modern and responsive website for under $200. If you want to build a second one you already have everything and it will cost you around $16 for the domain registration.

If you want 99 Everest to help out please complete the contact form on the left and we will get back to you.


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