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I have to admit, it was a crazy first month for my blog. I have learned a million things and discovered some impressive tips and tricks for sending traffic to my blog from Pinterest.

I want to share my experience with you as a beginner or advanced blogger. If you are new to Pinterest, I am most definitely sure you will take something away from reading this post.

Before we jump into the action I would like to give you some peace of mind. I am not going to try and sell you a Pinterest Traffic course of some kind. This is me telling you my honest experience with Pinterest.

I know for sure there are some struggling bloggers out there with a lot of unanswered questions regarding the great black hole that’s Pinterest.

Now, I am not new to the online world and building websites, I have a few websites I am proud of and a couple of failed blogs under my belt but I have never attempted sending traffic to my blog from Pinterest.

I probably should have listened to the top bloggers in my niche, who knows where I could’ve been by now. Probably sipping cocktails with them on a beach in Bali? cool

Sending traffic to my blog using Pinterest was just a weird thought for me, I mean, You have to create colourful pictures to catch someone’s attention and hopefully, they would click through to your blog?

It just sounded like hard work! (More on that later)

I just didn’t really believed in the “Pinterest magic” every blogger and Pinterest expert was raving about.

Before starting 99 Everest I wanted to take my time and figure out what was the major issues as to why my blogs keep failing and I came up with two main reasons –

  1. I had SOS (Shiny Object Syndrome)
  2. I never had a solid traffic plan for my blog.

I started researching about Pinterest whilst working on my SOS. I knew if I wanted to have a successful blog, I am going to need a solid plan and above all, I am going to need to focus. I read every piece of free information I could find. You will be surprised what you can learn with all the free information out there.

Most of the free information covers pretty much the same stuff and hardly anything new ever pops up. Every once and while you discover a little something new, when you do, use the information to stitch everything together. This will slowly add pieces the Pinterest puzzle.

First things first, before we dig into my juicy findings, I want to show you what my first-month of sending traffic to my blog from Pinterest looks like.

As you can see from the dates above, I launched my blog on the 17 February and a month later I have almost 1100 page views to my blog. I know, I am not exactly breaking records here but it is what you can realistically expect working a full-time job with a 5-month-old baby girl in the house.

For me, it is important to celebrate the small wins with your blog, it helps to see all the progress you have made so far. As far as my Pinterest account, it has grown to over 24 000 monthly viewers and over 180 followers.

See what I am Pinning over at

My Pinterest account was moving in an upward trend and at a steady pace. It felt if my account could do better and it made me a tad negative until I came across some extremely useful information that totally made sense to me and here it is –

Pinterest takes time\


If your Pinterest business account is new, Pinterest will first check out your account before it starts to distribute your content more widespread. It is kind of the same what Google does with a brand new website, they first want to make sure your blog is safe and provides genuine information.  Google/Pinterest place your website in a “sandbox” before it will send any organic traffic to your blog.

 So, how long does it take sending traffic to my blog from Pinterest? The answer I was getting from asking the same question across multiple platforms like Facebook was “it can take up to 6 months before your account will show up in the search results”.

 This was sort of normal and somewhat expected. I mean, Pinterest is a visual search engine and search engines want to provide the best user experience for their users.

 Is there anything you can do to speed it up?

 Oh yes! According to an article on tailwind, you can do the following to get your account crawled and indexed more.

  • Get more followers.
  • With more followers, you will have more re-pins
  •  The more you pin ON Pinterest the better. That said, they are talking about pinning new pins on Pinterest every day.

 This will help your account grow faster and gain more organic traffic.


Treat Pinterest like a search engine\


I guess you have heard it before, Pinterest is a visual search engine and not a complete social network like Facebook.

This means Pinterest has an algorithm in place to sort through the millions of content that get uploaded every day. How do you beat the algorithm you may ask? You don’t!

You simply optimize your account, boards, pins using Pinterest SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

One of the primary key things I discovered from Pinterest is that Pinning on Pinterest is all about trial and error. You experiment with it until something works. The rest is up to your SEO efforts.

So how does it work then?

Well, with every account, board and pin you create you can add keywords to your descriptions. If your descriptions are keyword rich, you stand a good chance that Pinterest will display your profile, board or pin in a related search result.

To give you an idea, the keywords – blogs, blogging tips, creating a blog gets searched for more than 5 million times a month. That is 5 million times each, not combined.

If you optimize your Pinterest with the right SEO tactics, you can and will get a massive boost in traffic. Sure it will take time, implement SEO today and you will reap the rewards later on.

Creating Pins can be exhausting\


Unless you have just time on your hands and always in a creative mood, you can Pin a ton of pins every day. For the rest of us, it is not so easy to come up with pins we are proud of. It takes time and can be extremely tiring creating pins every day.

The general rule of thumb here is to create at least 3 – 5 pins for every single post you create. Actually, Pinterest recommends you do it for better pin exposure.

What I can suggest you do here is, create 3 – 5 pins only when you feel like it, I find creating pins when I wake up seems to be of better quality than sitting at 11:30 PM trying to be creative.

I design all my pins for a post in one sitting if possible, and they pin one or two a week and leave the rest for the next week. This gives me room to pin new content every week.

If you are born without the right hemisphere of your brain, you can always outsource your pin creation to Fiverr.

Fiver is an excellent option as there are an enormous amount of freelancers that will create pins for you at a great price.

Go to Fiverr and search for Pinterest Pins and you will be spoilt for choice.

Pin Creation\


A tough one to talk about, I have spent countless hours in front of the Pinterest home feed also called the smart feed trying to come up with a pattern to why some of the pins make it to the smart feed.

I mean, some of them the pins look like they were created by drunk people on a black and white monitor!

I just don’t get it! But what I did notice about most of them, they are more than 6 months old. If that does not prove that Pinterest takes time to trust your content than I don’t know what will.

Creating pins is not my strong suit, to say the least, I have a low virality rate with my pins except for two of them. Both of them leads to the same blog post, I scored quite a lot of views to that one specific page.

The design of the pin below on the left was just a sort of “meh, there you go Pinterest do what you want with it” and the other I spend more time with the design.



Oddly the mediocre pin did very good, much better than the other design?

Why? I think it has to do with the bold contrast of color. It stands out from a sea of teals and baby pinks. A better question is, why did these two pins do so good against all my other pins?

The answer is quite simple, it had the words SUPER, VERY and the magic word PROFITABLE. I think that is what draws everyone’s attention. Money talks on Pinterest for sure!

To get back to the mediocre one, the colour stands out and immediately grabs your attention, and then you see the number 8 and then VERY PROFITABLE. The pin colour grabs attention and the text converts.

That is what you should focus on, try to create pins that grab attention and use text for sending traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

Pinterest group boards\


What a pain in the butt. Everyone who attempted to join group boards will actually know what I mean. I’ve read so many times your success with Pinterest lies with group boards, and you should join as many as you can.

Easier that said than done. I’ve sent a ton of emails to board owners with almost no response. Even if the board is open for new contributors, you still don’t get an invitation after you requested to join.

Urgh, super frustrating, I know! Don’t give up just yet. Group boards are essential for your Pinterest profile and sending traffic to your blog from Pinterest.

Just remember it takes a lot of effort to apply to each one and the owners are not always responsive. Sometimes they replay within a week or two, but sadly most of them never do.

Keep a record of all the boards you are applying to and then apply again to the ones you have not heard back from. Give it a month or so and try again.

Some boards owners will not send you an invite purely because of the size and activity of your Pinterest account. Don’t feel discouraged, just keep sending emails as your account grows. You will eventually wear someone down. Only kidding.

See what I am Pinning over at

Create excellent articles for your pins\


When you start creating pins for your blog, please be sure those pins are sending traffic to an excellent blog post. This seems a bit obvious but you can never be sure which of your pins will go viral, and you don’t want to end up with a viral pin sending traffic to mediocre content.

That is precisely what happened to me, and it is a bit embarrassing. I was just plain lazy and wrote an article just to fill up the blank spaces on my blog and what do you know? That pin went viral, well viral for me anyway.

So, now I have learned to start planning my blog posts a bit better taking into account everything that needs to happen before and after the post gets published.



Aaaah Tailwind, the master of scheduling tools. I am not going to tell you how Tailwind works, I am sure you know by now but what I am going to share with you is the following –

Use the interval and optimize setting to schedule your pins.

Spread your pins out and don’t pin everything at once. (I know you are excited to get started)

Create a board list for all your boards, It will be much faster to select a group of boards for selective scheduling than selecting one by one.

Make use of tribes if you can to widen your reach and improve your account authority.

Schedule all your pins for the week on a Sunday. It will help you concentrate on other things.

Tailwind is a great tool to invest in, and I love it, I do still recommend Pinning straight on Pinterest as much as you can, but you will learn that Tailwind will come to your rescue more than often.

Check out Tailwind for a free trial.


There you go, I have learned a lot from all kinds of resources paid and free. But the thing that stands out the most for me is, it will take time for your pins to get some traction on Pinterest. You shouldn’t let all the other content on Pinterest discourage you.

Your blog will move on its own pace. Keep everything I shared in the back of your head and use it where necessary.

Don’t give up, believe and push harder than ever before.



Happy blogging.

If you have any questions regarding this article please leave a comment below. We would love to hear from you.

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